My artistic side

May 14, 2009

Today was a big day for me. I haven’t used my God given gift of art in a long time. Not since my biggest fear of it being rejected by the church happened. Though I’ve learned that it wasn’t rejected by the church as a whole. It was rejected by a group of people. Maybe only a couple. However it left me with a hole in my heart and a fear to use what God gave me.

At work we now have what is called a “Smart goal.” Its things you are measured upon. One of them is that we have to join the corporate devotions time and participate. By participate I mean lead one. While I’m ok with getting up in front of people and speaking its still not my favorite thing to do. I knew 2 other ladies who had the same feelings and were artistic. Thats when I posed the idea. Using a devo time to explore art and worship. We put together a slideshow for a worship season. The slides were of art that showed God in some form while not conforming to the “this is what Christian art is” standard. No Thomas Kincade. (retching sounds come from my fingers for typing his name) We did the devos today. It went really well. Got lots of compliments. I didn’t own up to the fact that there was about 10 slides of my own work. (well not before showing it at least). I hope that everyone got something out of it. For me it was stepping up and showing myself that I can’t be afraid of what God gave me. I can’t hide my gifts from the church because it was rejected by a handful of people. The church is bigger then a building.

I just hope that someday I can find a group of people who will embrace me and my gifts. A real church to use my gifts.